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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

May 27, 2019


Igor is an expat from Brazil who went to high school in Saudi Arabia. He played American football in France and is passionate about teaching kids with special needs. Oh, and he’s 23 years old. A truly great guy to chat to – so much so that I think I set the record for host babble and saying ‘like’ in a...

May 19, 2019


After taking a Family Constellation session with May-Britt Searty, I knew I had to share this work with the world. She believes that through Family Constellation and life coaching, she can support you in gaining greater clarity, encourage you to find greater fulfillment, balance,...

May 12, 2019


Sara Abdelal believes we all have the ability within us to free ourselves from the burdens that weights us down, reach out to the purity and peace deep inside, and fill our hearts and souls with love and forgiveness. Check out her background:


NLP ( Neuro Linguistic...

May 5, 2019


Devanshu Wiersma is passing on wisdom from Tibet, Osho, and multiple other ancient traditions.  After an eye reading with him, I was compelled to share his story.  He says,

"It's about waking up and stopping the nonsense.  We have to use our intelligence to make this a very livable world for every creature on this...