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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

May 5, 2019


Devanshu Wiersma is passing on wisdom from Tibet, Osho, and multiple other ancient traditions.  After an eye reading with him, I was compelled to share his story.  He says,

"It's about waking up and stopping the nonsense.  We have to use our intelligence to make this a very livable world for every creature on this planet."


~0’-3’ Derek talks quotes from Devanshu 


~4’ Devanshu’s dream project

~5’ Osho history and bio from Devanshu

~6’ adapt spirituality to the modern man

~7' Devanshu’s beginnings (we’ll go back to Osho)

~9’ the diamond in your pocket

~10’ Devanshu arrives in Pune:

~11’ Osho sannays v. traditional sannays

~12’ the magnetic pull

~13’ integrating back into society

~15’ golden handcuffs

~16’ follow your heart, follow your impulse, just do it

~17’ Tibet dreams never die

~18’ find a spiritual discipline you can do for one hour

~19’ plan your weekend trips

~20’ we go back to Osho and talk about Wild Wild Country

~22’ rumors and feelings about the ranch in Oregon

~25’ the most meaningful takeaways from Osho and Pune

~26’ acceptance and enlightenment as Devanshu takes sannays

~28’ how can we open this super intelligence for all?

~30’ Devanshu’s life purpose and drive

~32’ Devanshu’s Tibetan eye reading session and his work explained:

~33’ Dheeraj (a.k.a James Rudolph Murley) and Tibetan pulsing – a basic place to start searching:

~35’ the moustache the bardo and reincarnation:

~37’ Devanshu gets the full teachings from Dheeraj

~40’ Devanshu’s other teachings

~41’ mystery schools

~42’ a Lama gives Devanshu a gift and confirmation

~44’ an explanation of pulsing

~46’ overwhelm happens

~47’ the world of spiritual healing is disappearing

~48’ the books:

Where does the world come from. Bardo live (sic.) by Dheeraj Shantam

Inside You, The Twenty-four Lights by Anna Mouldsdale

~49’ duodenum:

~51’ countries also vibrate from a certain organ

~53’ the human identity crisis

~54’ climate change is here

~55’ our spiritual crisis; it’s time to set ourselves right again

~56’ the future world; wake up

~57’ we have everything we need, but we need to let go of ugly, selfish motives

~58’ look at the good things, find your passion to share

~59’ daily realities and advice

~60’ it’s not a matter of changing the outer, change the inner

~61’ the Tibet pilgrimage, the lake of mirrors

~62’ the statues of gold

~65’ no matter how sad and gloomy you are, it’s not true – shine your light

~66’ when you share your art with the world, the door opens

Thank you!