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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

May 19, 2019


After taking a Family Constellation session with May-Britt Searty, I knew I had to share this work with the world. She believes that through Family Constellation and life coaching, she can support you in gaining greater clarity, encourage you to find greater fulfillment, balance, energy, creativity, a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your private life, at work and life as a whole. She empowers and touches your life to the very core, unlocks limiting beliefs, helps you resolve and let go of your emotional baggage from the past and replace these with an in-depth understanding of who you are and how you can be the best at any given situation in your life. It is truly powerful speaking from direct experience. Oh, and she can do this over Skype!



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Derek rants about abortion laws

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~5’ May opens up and shares her family story; we explain the process later 


~18’ fear of judgment and sharing our story on a podcast

~19’ why May left Denmark for the expat life

~21’ Cranial Sacral therapy

~23’ everyone has dysfunction in their family, we do the best we can

~24’ May explains Family Constellation and guides a quick meditation; it’s a lifestyle

~26’ the process of finding the Family Constellation work, it needs experience

~27’ Dr. Klinghardt’s work

~Bert Hellinger, Family Constellation founder

~28’ Svagito becomes the mentor; an Osho line

~30’ a no nonsense approach wins and overcomes fear

~33’ the modality itself shows the truth

~33’ Derek’s experience from May’s session

~37’ ‘you are only grown up when you are 50 y.o. – whew!

~40’ a bit about the process of Family Constellation

~41’ the space holder, the channel

~42’ how do you manage the energy, May?

~43’ the knowing field of Family Constellation – how it works

~45’ we are all connected, we are all one

~45’ animals in nature know all, but so do we

~46’ how the group Family Constellation works

~47’ the way the energy of the group works

~48’ Derek explains his experience in group

~49’ the facilitator’s job to arrange or constellate

~50’ the technique of the Family Constellation

~51’ the purpose of the Family Constellation is to bring love back into the system

~52’ the phenomenon of how energy works, it is inexplicable but it ripples out

~53’ how do you handle the objections of this work, May?

~54’ Family Constellation is new and difficult to categorize

~56’ why is this not a mainstream practice, May?

~57’ Bert Hellinger lived with the Zulu tribes; proper order is automatic

~58’ the more greed, the more consumption, the further we are from our soul

~59’ what is the answer to return to family order?

~60’ this is the future, the old system is failing us

~60’ ‘the longest road is from the head to the heart’ – Zulu saying

~62’ Family Constellation is a deep dive to our core

~63’ Skype healing sessions are possible

~64’ the process and session plan

~66’ the goal and ‘why’ of a Family Constellation – if you feel blocked and stuck, heavy, or repetitive patterns keep emerging – then it’s time

~70’ there is not much talking in the Family Constellation

~71’ ancestral healing and independence is the goal – oh, without guilt

~72’ 7 generation ancestral journey

~74’ for more info: