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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Jun 26, 2019


This episode features a unique lady with a wild resume abroad.  Not only was Rana born an expat, (yes, that's right) but she's been living in Dubai for almost 20 years as one.  A yogi, a wonderful conversationalist, a thinker, a humble soul with a beautiful outlook on life.  I'm sure women listening to this will gain a lot of strength from her story.  Please enjoy!


~0'-2'  Derek does mention that he likes Buttigeg as a candidate  


~2’ Rana and Derek's mutual connection (Ryan Ingram Ep. 6; Sara Abdelal Ep. 11)

~3' aura photography:

~5’ what is the 'mother wound'?

~9' Rana talks hypnotherapy and her experience 

~12’ the ancestral baggage we carry (May-Britt Ep. 12)

~14' the consciousness raising we are not ready for

~16' the inner critic - sit down!

~18’ a-Palestinian-born-in-Kuwait-experience

~19' Rana becomes a 'black girl' at UVA

~21' Palestinian first

~24' Palestine-Israel conflict for dummies

~26’ the Gulf War hits Kuwait hard, and Rana is displaced 

~31’ back to the Mother conversation, again

~34’ from Cyprus to Dubai and the good old days...

~37’ a sales job for Rana?

~40’ Derek takes Rana's class

~41' floating through life 'feels', doing the 'right' thing

~43’ Tamil Nadu Coonoor:

~45’ the yoga Ashtanga 8:

~48’ yamas and niyamas:

~49’ the big 8 breakdown

~51’ Ashtanga backstory start here:

~53’ Vipassana retreats:

~54’ lineages of yoga

~56’ Iyengar:

~60' Shiva and Shakti

~64’ finding Rana online

~67' the Buddha story with Mara

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