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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Jul 10, 2019


Adrian Kerr of the Kitesurf365 podcast takes the host seat and interviews Derek.  It was a great experience to be able to talk about the journey of the podcast, 18 episodes later.  Adrian is a pro who hosts the most popular kitesurfing podcast closing in on 100 episodes.  Thanks Adrian for the tips, the talk and the opportunity!  Enjoy and see you all next season.  Well, 'hear' you all next season...something like that.  Check out Adrian here:


~0-3’ Derek talks about the Season 1 experience; what's next


 ~4’ Jocko Willink

~5’ Adrian interviews Derek

~9’ highs and lows of Season 1: The Dubai Diaries

~11’ podcast for yourself, ‘scratch your own itch’ – ala Tim Ferris

~12’ quality v. content

~14’ perfectionism and learning from the best

~16’ what should you do when starting a podcast

~18’ tips on getting the content out

~20’ Derek’s progression on editing and presenting

~22’ writing show notes, should you?

~24’ professionalism matters

~26’ have any guests wanted to cut the show? Gary Vee reference:

~27’ how to get guests to relax

~28’ the 'ats' effect – addicted to stats, what to do?

~30’ 2000 downloads and counting...

~31’ the engine behind your podcast is its library

~33’ imitating other podhosts?

~35’ what is the ideal podcast length?

~37’ Adrian gives a tip on getting extras

~38’ what we can expect from Enlightened Abroad: Season 2

~41’ Youtube or nah?

~43’ monetizing your podcast

~45’ the Luminary model

~49’ alternative ways to podcast, getting inventive

~50’ September goals for Season 2

~51’ earthships; Micheal Reynolds

~53’ water is gold, functioning and living off the land

~54’ back to Youtube, an idea

~55’ making a change; getting creative

~56’ the advantages of location; teaching as a lifestyle

~59’ 'one year no beer' challenge talk, we digress

~60’ taking a break from podcasting, or keep it going?

~62’ Adrian talks voice exercises to the ex-actor

~65’ Thank You, and see you on EA S2!