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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Jul 14, 2021

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~0-5’ Introduction

~6’ Kevin’s journey to Mexico, San Cristobal de las Casas

~8’ England pays for university degrees, brilliant!

~10’ what is Medical Herbalism ?

~13’ how Kevin got into Herbalism, Australian tales

~19’ the 4 levels and states of the body, how herbs work on the system

~24’ amino stimulating polysaccharides and adaptogens

~28’ the hormone level

~29’ herbs are to thrive not survive

~33’ phytoestrogenic herbs

~37’ there is not much money in healthy people

~39’ the emotional level

~40’ yarrow and astringents

~43’ dandelion and the archetypal male

~44’ hawthorne and the heart tonic

~46’ whatever you do to the body you do to the mind

~50’ adrenal fatigue

~51’ your body only heals in a resting and digestive state

~53’ bitter herbs and how they can fix most issues

~58’ every’body’ constitution is different, so not all herbs are one size fits all

~60’ rhodiola and the big game herb

~62’ clearing out heavy metals and radiation with herbs

~65’ what’s the difference between a fruit, tincture and a powder?

~70’ last in first out for healing

~72’ when you take and extract from nature, it doesn’t work as well, e.g. aspirin

~73’ herbs for menopause - Siberian ginseng

~79’ alternative healing for viruses

~80' artemesinin, Youyou Tu and malaria nobel prize work

~81’ packages of oranges to old people

~82’ macrophages eating

~84’ astragalus can support the immune system