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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Aug 19, 2021

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Elliott's book and research:

~5’ so nice we do it twice

~6’ where we are

~7’ Elliott’s story - what is it to be human?

~8’ I have power

~9’ football talk

~14’ switching to yoga and martial arts

~17’ Chinese Medicine school

~18’ Master Karol

~19’ What is Tai Ji Quon?  Tai - great, ultimate Ji - fist

~22’ Qi Gong v. Tai Chi/Ji?  

~25’ ‘every step grabbed me’ Elliott on the Qi

~29’ Qi Gong for clearing food poisoning? Yep

~31’ Western medicine v. Eastern medicine

~32’ why modern science has no idea about consciousness

~34’ Elliott studies in the monastic tradition of Chineses Medicine 

~37’ The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

~39’ what a meridian is

~44’ the intention for difficulty

~49’ Elliott’s book - how it began

~50’ autism and how it relates to the shots

~51’ autism is defined by symptoms, not bio mechanisms

~52’ the 2007 CNN interview by the CDC

~53’ ’Vaccine Safety Manual’, Neil Z. Miller

~54’ you cannot say you are curing without a pharmaceutical

~57’ the obsession begins 

~59’ this is not medical advice 

~61’ my assumptions about shots in kids 

~63’ what does the data actually show us?

~66’ the Polio story

~70’ none of Jonas Salk’s papers are public domain

~72’ Janine Roberts:

~77’ the original bacteria searches

~78’ Pasteur’s lies

~79’ smaller than bacteria, small poison

~81’ what about contagion theory?


~83’ there is no evidence that shots eradicated disease

~85’ children before the age of 1 don’t develop antibodies

~87’ operating on old models of disease

~90’ it’s hard to accept this information

~92’ some ingredients in the shots

~93’ the open secret - drug inserts

~95’ why do we do this? the pediatrician's role 

~98’ what’s in the shots?

~100’ am I harming society?

~102’ immunity v. injection

~103’ thimersol is mercury

~104’ approach to the conversation is key to understanding with family and loved ones

~112’ how many unvaccinated kids have autism?

~113’ allergies and shots, how they actually work

~114’ glyphosate

a break

~155’ Elliott’s book breakdown

~157’ history of virology 

~158’ electron microscope and poison experiments

~160’ the cell is producing exosomes  

~162’ gain of function research and what it is

~164’ the bio seguridad state

~166’ what’s in the public eye about genetic research

~168’ the pSEEr and how it relates to hEYEv; copy fading

~172’ what is a spike protein?

~174’ what is the big picture of all this

~176’ so much fear

~177’ death rates

~178’ 2 million more died of starvation last year than previous

~180’ airplane snacks is the cure to cv

~181’ dar - paaaaa

~183’ how the r n a works

~185’ divide and conquer

~186’ how do you feel, now Elliott?

~188’ the man whose foot exploded

~190’ a great unveiling and an opportunity

~194’ look closely, and why are you feeling that way and don’t be a tyrannical genocidal maniac