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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Apr 27, 2019


Nigora Normatova is a Certified Health Coach and Lifestyle Consultant (IIN/IAHC), qualified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Face Fitness Coach, and published author. What is Face Fitness? Check in around ~43’ to find out. She published, “Wake Up! Stop Snoozing on your Health” in 2017, and runs her online programs and packages here:

IG: @nigora_coaching



Russell Brand and Wif Hof

Brene Brown on Netflix

JRE #1283

World Nate digital nomad

The Interview

~7’ an epiphany at 25

~10’ body signals for change

~12’ talking diet

~13’ Tajikistan is the country

~15’ Nigora’s expat bio – Russian – England – Edinburgh – China…wow!

~17’ making the best of what’s around

~18’ marriage culture

~22’ Office Space moment?

~24’ certification and purpose

~27’ it is possible to get up and feel good in the morning

~28’ when they are ready they come, but we can’t push

~29’ gout talk, detox systems

~31’ change is scary

~36’ Eat the Sun personal philosophy

~39’ the fight for natural food and trust

~40’ “Wake Up! Stop Snoozing on your Health” the book and online programs 

~42’ editing videos

~44’ Face Fitness programs

~45’ make up freedom!

~48’ it’s their journey

~49’ for Face Fitness or consultancy at Life’n One