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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Mar 10, 2019


The Thai writing, 'สวัสดี' = 'Sawasdee', the main greeting in the land of smiles. 

In this episode I chat with Dave, a Dublin-born expat who got the bug in Thailand and now resides in the Middle East.  He shares tips on staying positive, making the most of your time, and carving out space to forge your own path. 

It is important to let the content flow, so the episode comes in at about an hour.  However, I know some folks like it short and sweet (Adam!), so below are links and time stamps if you want to jump around:


~ 12’ – We mention TEFL/CELTA; these certificates are the minimum you’ll need to work abroad, but in most places, a legit teaching license is recommended



Ask for Barbara - tell her Derek sent you!


Teach Away (there are many but I like this one)

TIEonline marketplace: (paid subscription, but worth if you have a legit teaching license - the best international school jobs with the best pay advertise here)

~ 20’ – Sam Harris Meditation App

~ 22' – Lopburi, Thailand, near Kamphaeng Seng

~ 25' – Uttar Pradesh, India (Dave’s Sheikh Temple trek place)

Nepal: Langtang (Dave’s upcoming trip and KimKim is a GREAT site for travel tips)

Nepal: Herb Nepal - ask for Ben, say Derek sent you!

~ 32' – Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace:

~ 50' – Podcasts Recommended by Dave/Derek:

London Real

Joe Rogan

Tim Ferris

Off the Ball