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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Oct 28, 2019



~1-3’ we couldn’t get the song on, but check them out here:


~4’ who is anyone to own the earth?

~6’ embracing the hypocrisy

~8’ acting as custodians of the land

~11’ how to build community? be neighbors

~13’ the cob workshop community lessons

~16’ the people power theory

~17’ the balance of doing good for the earth + having fun

~18’ how an environmental activist is born

~21’ the napkin revolt*

*Kipchoge and Claire’s son story comes in here as a side note because Claire was in the kitchen but not mic’d

~22’ bikes as and eco mode of transport

~24’ the beginnings of xtracycle, circa ‘98:

~27’ the xtracyle ‘thing’ – trying to create environ change with a company

~30’ the dream is hatched of a bike powered music tour

~32’ Kipchoge's friend's band:

~33’ 15 people take off and create the first ever bike powered rock n’ roll tour, aka 'rock the bike':

~35’ Kipchoge and the Ginger Ninjas, soundcloud:

~37’ 8 bike tours later, a few takeaways

~41’ a traveling band story, ohhhh Mexico!

~46’ an epiphany at Vipassana, the site:

~47’ a turn in the road, Kipchoge stops playing to gather people power and tackle the climate fight

~48’ an education on building a social change movement

~49’ there are way more than enough people to get this done

~50’ non-violent social movements, Erica Chenoweth inspires:

~53’ would you quit Amazon if others did? a campaign for 1M customers to leave; testing the hypothesis

~54’ why Amazon? lifting the curtain on the dangers

~58’ the movement, building up to the 3.5% change, and 6 focus areas:

~60’ the internet is not bad, just the bad actors, and Derek is ok, thank yous…