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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Dec 20, 2020


~0-4' - Intro

~5’- Shout out to @arcana_cafe_herbal_vegana for the portal meeting 

~7’- Tammy leaves NY for the road

~8 - Yonkers is not a county, but hey, we've been out a while...

~9 - Personal intentions and themes 

~ 10 - Michael Singer, ‘The Surrender Experiment’

~14 - Where...

Nov 30, 2020


Fear is the ultimate illness.  Preaching can't cure this.  'You can't touch this' - MC Hammer.  We traveled 27 states and crossed a border and still are here to tell the tale.  The second half of the show is a healing session with Tibetan singing bowls by the lovely Alyssa Figaro Straat.  


Apr 20, 2020


Chris Panasky of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast talks why, how and what to bring if you want to see the world on two wheels.  Yeah, a bike.  Like with your legs, pedal powered!  Useful tips like (not creepy) and what kit (gear) to buy, Chris recommends: to get...

Mar 10, 2020


Derek talks. 

Topics: Podfest 2020 experience, Corona, wtf, and current plans.  And I read a chapter of MAR 2, the novel.  Consider this the soft launch for the audiobook. 

This version of 2020 Vision will reflect on Q1, talk about what's next, and also serve as an intro for any newbies to the podcast.  If you are a...

Feb 1, 2020


~4’-7’ Maria sings 'Ambenum Pidiyul Mantra', a prayer from Swami Ramalingum

~9’ Maria’s story begins

~10’ an atheist story in a Catholic School

~11’ a depression leads to a silent retreat and meditation

~12’ Carl Sagan