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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Feb 1, 2020


~4’-7’ Maria sings 'Ambenum Pidiyul Mantra', a prayer from Swami Ramalingum

~9’ Maria’s story begins

~10’ an atheist story in a Catholic School

~11’ a depression leads to a silent retreat and meditation

~12’ Carl Sagan

Shiva Shambho and Tibetan Tantric breathing, Puebla, Mexico

~13’ the coveted ‘awakening’ moment; existential questioning

~15’ repressive conditioning, fear

~17’ moving onto college, depression comes again in Barcelona

~19’ ‘the world is sad’

~19’ An organic farm, Kundalini Yoga and an Osho invitation

~20’ the cat attacks

~20’ the sexual liberation in Pune

~21’ the experience at the Osho ashram

~22’ ‘Hey, do you wanna have sex with me?’

~24’ the Osho dynamic meditations

~27’ coming back to Mexico from Pune

~27’ Bhakti means devotion; Vedanta books – searching for the true you

~28’ Rig Veda – pre-Upanishad ancient prayers to the sun, from the Indo-Saraswati region

~29’ Yogi Bhajan


and Buddha all come from the same region

~32’ Tiruvannamalai, India

~33’ Mooji

~34’Kundalini practice cleared the mind

~35’ Swami Ramalingam search, aka Vallalar

~36’ the man with the gecko tattoo…

~38’ a sign a light and a dream

~40’ Swami Ramalingam leaves his body, the story

~41’ the pineal gland drops of honey

~42’ the fastest way to reach god is by singing mantras

~43’ Maria travels with the Swamis, becomes a Swami for a year

~44’ life as a Swami, the collective energy

~46’ Sadhu v. Swami

~48’ Swami life in Malaysia

~49’ repatriating after Swami life

~50’ motherhood

~51’ finding balance

~53’ dogma, extremism and religion

~54’ just take the ham off the pizza

~55’ what’s next?

~55’ Maria finds passion in pre-natal yoga and Kundalini Yoga TT

~56’ Guru Jagat, RAMA TV

~58’ Kundalini brings happiness and endless study

~59’ Gurmukh

~61’ Maria’s mantras:

62’ Maria sings the Hanuman Mantra with the Harmonium to close