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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts." 

Mark Twain 

Mar 2, 2022


1-5’ - Intro


5’ Cocina Consiente (@cocinaconsientsc),

San Cristobal de las Casas Mexico


7’ a magical beginning and a new contract


9’ why food? Back to nature


10’ the restaurant as a bridge to health


11’ Korea and poop


12’ back to nature


14’ Primary food for all species


18’ how Ryan went from the standard american diet to now


19’ Health journey started at 24


21’ the chipotle tofu moment


23’ food as a weapon


26’ who is ‘they’


29’ refusing the restrictions


30’ there is always a way around if you have a sovereign mindset


34’ casein and cheese addiction


36’ the inflammation goes away


37’ brother gets a brain tumor, and heals it


42’ tumor disappears


42’ the documentaries Cowspiracy & Forks Over Knives


45’ the plant based switch


48’ all food is drug by definition which are beneficial and which are harmful


49’ everything starts within, yet we never wash our insides


50’ fasting effects


52’ how to start a fast for beginners


53’ what is living hydrates - water H3O v. H2O


55’ Ryan’s 43 day fast - and tips for you


58’ what comes up during a fast - Dominoes !


69’ health and wellness IG work


70’ how the food effects the mind


71’ plant - based leads to mind healing


72’ urine therapy or ‘shivambu’ as an ancient practice - what is it?


75’ benefits include gum repair and many others


76’ heal thy cellf




80’ urea has many benefits - including DMT, stem cells, enzymes


83’ lots of pharma has urea in it


87’ words form our reality


88’ Matias De Stefano


92’ aged urine is a powerful enema


94’ what about flat earth and gravity ?


96’ waking up happy after plant - based stuff!!


98’ vegan as a term and what activism means now


100’ raw milk and carnivores can find some common ground benefits


101’ we are all one, we are all living together


“They are not FOR us, they are WITH us.”